Michael & Gail Lause and Country Living

We started our business in 2008 in our home, and as we were growing it we talked about the need for more room and also to get it to town where there would be more traffic. In 2010 Mike was laid up with health issues and I came across our first place in town. As Mike likes to write ads, he hinted “have you ever been gone on a business trip only to come home and find that your wife has rearranged the furniture?” (which I did many times when he traveled).well he said ” Gail moved the store while I was laid up”.. Then I said “Well Mike you can sit in your rocking chair at our new location.” So that is how it started- we still use it in our ads we record and people we know are always asking if he is sleeping in the chair. If we are out and about they ask what is he doing out of the chair. It has become a real fun thing to hear all the comments. Then in 2012 we moved to our present location. We lease the entire building and now live above  the store at 216 W Main in Historical Downtown Washington, Missouri.

Come visit Washington and stop in to see if Mike is sleeping in his rocking chair !